Technology and Platform
Weiming Shiguang is developing rapidly and steadily, condensing a group of high-end professional and technical talents, and cooperates with many universities and scientific research institutions, forming a strong technical development barrier. Combining artificial intelligence and digital technology, Weiming Shiguang has independently built a leading database of natural active molecules in plants and humans, a high-throughput screening platform, a biosynthesis platform, and a bionic design platform. Synthetic biology related research provides guarantee

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a science about life, a creativity to achieve material performance and ecological balance, and a disruptive future production method. Synthetic biology focuses on transforming and optimizing naturally occurring living systems, or designing completely new living systems from scratch. These innovations will lead to breakthrough products that affect various fields of daily life such as medicine, food, energy, production and manufacturing, and provide Bringing positive change to our planet

Digital Innovation

We explore how artificial intelligence and digital technologies are transforming innovative ways of biomanufacturing. Investing digital technologies into our R&D and production is one of our most important strategies. This not only greatly improves the speed and efficiency of our research and development, making research and development more flexible and efficient, but also forms an experimental closed loop through data feedback, and continuously optimizes the design scheme

Bio-intelligent manufacturing platform

Discover and Create
Design, Build & Test
Mass production and optimization

Database of Natural Bioactive Molecules

——Provide functional bioactive molecule candidates

Nature has endless potential, and we have built a vast database of naturally active molecules to help us find molecules that can solve our customers' problems. The database annotates the physical and chemical properties and efficacy of bioactive molecules in detail, and subdivides them into categories according to the types and functions of bioactive molecules. It is committed to forming the world's largest database of bioactive molecules for skin care, medicine and beauty

The natural bioactive molecule database provides theoretical guidance and data basis for the artificial design and synthesis of new skin care bioactive molecules, supports further exploration of skin care natural bioactive molecules, and deepens customers' cognition and understanding of natural bioactive molecules with skin care and medical beauty effects

Animal, Plant and Microorganism Natural Active Molecular Database Human Dermatology Database

High-throughput screening platform

——High-throughput development of molecules with different efficacy

The high-throughput screening platform greatly improves the efficiency of bioactive molecular screening and strain optimization, and can obtain high-quality biological big data in a short time and at low cost, providing a data basis for further virtual screening and prediction using machine learning algorithms. Greatly guarantee the development and industrialization of bio-based products.

Phage display technology is a high-throughput screening technology based on directed evolution, which greatly expands the application of directed evolution technology in polypeptide modification screening, and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2018.

Phage display technology for ultra-high-throughput virtual screening

ionic Design Platform

- Reasonable design based on different effects

Based on the protein structure prediction and protein de novo design algorithm based on Alphafold2, the design of medical and aesthetic biomaterials with mechanical properties is realized; at the same time, potential biologically active polypeptides are designed, and artificial polypeptide molecules are generated by computer-aided virtual screening and molecular docking software, combined with efficacy evaluation experiments. , obtain biomimetic designed active molecules and materials.

AI-guided bionic design can bypass inefficient and high-cost biological "wet experiments", and use accumulated big data resources and software algorithms for artificial design to obtain molecular materials that "surpass" nature, greatly shortening the time required for product development. cycle to achieve intelligent manufacturing of biomaterials.

High-throughput fluorescence-activated droplet sorting platform

- Accelerates the high-throughput mining and engineering of microorganisms and new enzymes

Microfluidic Fluorescence Activated Droplet Sorting (FADS) technology uses droplets to encapsulate, culture, and fluorescently screen single cells, which greatly improves sorting efficiency and flexibility.

Droplet microfluidic single-cell sorting technology combines traditional mutagenesis breeding technology and CRISPR genome-wide hybrid screening technology to perform high-throughput genotype-phenotype correlation, realize low-cost and high-efficiency mining of high-yield gene targets, and analyze high-yield genes molecular mechanisms to guide the design and construction of cellular factories.

Multidimensional synthesis platform




Efficacy evaluation scientific research platform

——Professional raw material evaluation experimental design and service

We have a scientific and rigorous evaluation system for the efficacy of raw materials, comprehensively test, reasonably analyze and scientifically explain the efficacy of raw materials or products through various methods such as biochemistry, cell biology, and clinical evaluation, and demonstrate product quality with sufficient data and professional experiments.

The experimental system at the molecular mechanism level The experimental system at the phenotypic function level

Parallel Bioreactor Platform

——Optimized adjustment of fermentation adjustment, accelerated process development and stability

Using the parallel bioreactor platform, confirmatory design of the engineering strain culture process is carried out before the product enters the formal production stage, so as to ensure the quality of the product in the subsequent production stage.

High quality separation and purification system

- Obtain high-quality, high-purity biological products

It has a complete set of separation and purification technology to separate and purify various active substances that meet the quality requirements from microbial fermentation broth, enzyme reaction products, animal and plant cell culture and the organism itself, which can effectively solve the problem of low purity of target products and inconsistent properties of active substances. stability issues.

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